Like others in the music industry, Culture Collective disconnected from our business on TUESDAY, JUNE 2nd. to reconnect with our communities.


Your workplace is part of your community. We encourage companies to create a workplace 
that is conducive to conversations about race and culture.
This is a critical step towards a more understood world.

Open up communications amongst your colleagues today, tomorrow, and forever.




Create the right setting to discuss with a facilitator

Acknowledge race issues from all perspectives

Provide educational materials

Support employee resource groups




Talking About Race at Work – Harvard Business Review


It’s OK to Talk About Race at Work – Fortune


How to Have Conversations About Race at Work – Forbes

So You Want to Talk About Race (Book) – Ijeoma Oluo

Understanding What it Means to be White and Privileged  (Journal) – Tom Schweizer

Workplace Diversity Consulting – Mouse & The Elephant Consultancy




Established for reasons bigger than music, culture collective is a DYNAMIC group of managers and talent service executives networked to better represent creatives that define culture BY addressing the lack of diversity in entertainment companies.​​

The vision of music executive Jonathan Azu, CULTURE COLLECTIVE was created for reasons bigger than music. After years of driving success for some of the industry’s most iconic artists brands and companies, we are now leveraging our knowledge and relationships to create a diverse environment that is inclusive and will develop dynamic managers and powerhouse entertainers.


With an initial focus on urban genre clients, CULTURE COLLECTIVE and its network of managers and shared service executives will represent creatives who are redefining their culture while also exemplifying and promoting diverse leadership in entertainment for the next generation.


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CULTURE COLLECTIVE nor any of its employees accepts unsolicited submissions unless referred to by a relationship within our company network. CULTURE COLLECTIVE does not consider unsolicited submissions as confidential and has no obligation to review, keep, acknowledge or return the submission or any related materials.